• Speaking the Truth in Love ~ Eph 4:15

    First Visit

    Photo of two men shaking hands

    Welcome to TBC!

    Coming to any church for the first time is a bit scary whether you are a regular church attendee, someone looking to get back into church, or have never been to a church service at all. At TBC we understand that. At one point every one of us came for the first time too! We want to make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. As all of us did, you have questions about “what to expect” when you arrive. Let us help you with that!

    Service Times

    Sunday School  9:30 AM

    Morning Worship  10:30 AM

    Evening Worship  6:00 PM

    Wednesday Service  7:00 PM

    • What denomination is TBC?  We are an Independent Baptist Church that bases our services, preaching, singing, and ministries on the timeless principles and examples found within the pages of the Bible.
    • What kind of music do you use? We carefully select music (old and new) that has correct doctrine and glorifies Christ. Our music does not look and sound like the music that the world offers.  Its purpose is greater.  Our music is not intended to attract the world to us, but to attract the blessing and real presence of God in our services.  The music in our church is very uplifting and helpful for the believer.
    • What style of preaching can I expect?  This is so extremely important.  Expect each service to include a relevant, Bible-based, doctrinally sound message from our Pastor that will encourage, uplift, exhort, reprove, and remove doubt about what God is saying to us through His Word.  Our Pastor takes preaching very seriously, and lives are being changed because of the steady flow of spiritual food we are getting here at TBC.
    • What will my children do during the service?
      • We have a clean, safe, fully staffed Nursery room for your young ones.
      • We have Sunday School classes for all ages! They will be learning the Bible right along with you!  They hear about the saving power of the Gospel weekly.  We know that the teaching they receive will help your children be better sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, students, and Christians.  When you arrive, we will help direct each member of your family to the classes that you will each benefit from the most!
      • We have Junior Church classes throughout the Sunday Morning Worship hour as well. Ages 5-5th grade begin the morning worship service in the main auditorium with teens and adults, and are dismissed to their classes after the singing time has concluded.
      • Infants-4 year olds remain in the nursery or their class throughout the duration of the service.
    • What should I wear?  You may wear what you are comfortable wearing at TBC.  If you want to know what the majority of our members wear, most of the men wear dress slacks and a collared shirt and tie.  Some men wear suits.  Most of the ladies wear skirts or dresses.  However, please understand that there is no dress code; we just want to have you here!
    • Do I need to bring money?  An offering plate will be passed through each isle during the offertory time for the convenience of our church members.  We will give you a visitor booklet and info card when you arrive.  During the offertory, you may place the info card in the offering plate if you wish.  This helps us know who has come to our services, and helps us know who has specific prayer needs as well.

    Don’t be scared!  You are not walking into a perfect place, because our church is made of people!  We are all on the same journey, desiring to know more of our Creator and Savior.  We all want to be bettered, and learn how to best live our days for the glory of God.  Please feel free to give us a call or write a note on the contact page if you have any other questions we haven’t covered.