Speaking the Truth in Love ~ Eph 4:15

World Missions

Church Missions

It is the purpose of Truth Baptist Church to reach Mechanicsville for Christ as well as pray for and support foreign works by faithful, like-minded missionaries across the world. Below is a list of missionaries we are currently supporting. Click on their names to send them an email.

  • Polly Irvin: Ukraine
  • The Johnsons: Dominican Republic
  • The Johnsons: Brazil
  • The Johnsons: Japan
  • The Klemans: England
  • The Kokenzies: Brazil
  • The Lapatos: Austria
  • The Longs: Trinidad
  • The McClains: Thailand
  • The Medeiros: Oahu, Hawaii
  • The Montanos: Mexico
  • The Ortiz’: Mexico
  • The Paks: Japan
  • The Paytons: Nicaragua
  • The Puentes: Spain
  • The Radanks: Germany
  • The Schepers: Dominican Republic
  • The Smiths: South Sudan
  • The Strothers: United Kingdom
  • The Tignors: Ecuador
  • The Underwoods: Argentina (formerly to S. Africa)
  • The Websters: Newport News, VA
  • The Whites: Chile
  • The Wrights: US Military in Japan
  • The Wynns: Philippines
  • The Zwingles: Russia
  • The “John Doe Family”: Europe (closed country)
  • The “John Doe Family”: Asia (closed country)
  • The “John Doe Family”: (semi-closed country)